6 Weeks - Introduction to Printmaking for Adults: Linocuts

Over the course of six sessions, students will learn the basics of relief printmaking by creating several prints of increasing complexity. Students will compose a drawing, transfer and cut the image in linoleum blocks, and produce an edition of prints by hand- burnishing. We will explore negative and positive space, patterns, and line and the role these play in creating impactful prints. The course will begin with an introduction to the tools and techniques of linoleum block printing and an exploration of their potential for expression. In subsequent classes, students will produce prints based on a subject of their own choosing. Students will begin working with color as well, creating reduction prints using a single block and multiple colors.

Relief printmaking presents endless possibilities for people of all skill levels to create rich and powerful imagery.

All skill levels are welcome. Experimentation and fun are encouraged!

Brief Overview of Course

Session 1: Introduction; History and examples of linocut; Introduction to tools; Prepping the block; Experimenting with different cuts, patterns, and linework; Inking the block and pulling a proof

Session 2: Producing a small black and white print of a still life composition; Composing with an eye towards high-contrast; Utilizing positive and negative line; Pulling a proof and making adjustments

Sessions 3-4: Students work on an image of their own choosing to produce a black and white print; printing and signing an edition of prints

Sessions 4 - 6: Students work on an image of their own choosing incorporating one to two colors; Different ways of utilizing color; Carving a reduction print from one block; Masking and printing on colored paper

Instructor: Bruno Nadalin

November 16th to Dec 28th - BREAK FOR THANKSGIVING

6 Thursdays - 7 - 10pm

Fee: $225 + 75 materials = $300

Location: 29 McWilliams Place, DTJC (corner of 9th street and McWilliams) Northeast side of Hamilton Park

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