Kids Academy: “Mini Masterpieces” AGES 5 - 12

Discover famous artists and learn about their unique styles!

Students will experiment with various artistic techniques and materials in order to create original pieces of artwork based on artistic movements throughout history. In this 5 day course, students will discover a different famous artist each week. After a brief art history introduction at the beginning of each class, students will then set off to create a specific project based on the style and technique of that week's artist. At the end of each class students will participate in an artistic critique in which they will have an opportunity to share their work and offer feedback on the work of their classmates.

Draw, paint, and create in this fun educational class for all mini-masters.  Learning about  various artists, techniques, and using a variety of media, students will enjoy learning and creating a multitude of mini masterpieces!

TUESDAY- Dec 12th to Jan 9th - 4:30 to 6:00pm

Fee: $175 - All materials included!