Printmaking for Kids AGES 5 - 12

Brand new classes for children!

Students will explore different printmaking methods to create their own original artwork. Each week’s class will focus on a method of printmaking and a specific theme or master artist. Activities will be adapted according to age level, allowing all students to partake in the fun.

1: Monotypes: Students will learn how to create their own colorful monotype prints

2. Foam block printing: Students will be introduced to the concepts of relief printmaking using foam board and colored ink

3. Stamp printing: Students will carve their own stamps from rubber blocks. Younger students can probably carve if supervised, but they can also create stamps from existing objects (leaves, shells, coins, keys, etc).

4. Rubber block printmaking: Students will use rubber blocks and carving tools to create an image in black and white. (Younger students can do stencil printing)

4 weeks - Thursday March 9th  - March 30th - 4:30 to 6:00

Fee: $200 - All materials included!