About Jersey City Art School

Jersey City Art School (JCAS) is a collective in downtown Jersey City, designed with the community's residents in mind and using its wealth of artistic resources. Its focus is on growth of the individual artist—those involved can learn new skills, build a portfolio, or just hone their existing technique in an environment that fosters communication, even friendship, with others who have the same interests and talent. As the school expands, it will continue to look to local artists to participate both as students and instructors, further developing the lively arts scene in Jersey City and beyond.

JCAS offers courses in painting, drawing, sculpture, jewelry making, digital photography and watercolor, as well as weekly figure drawing sessions, animation nights, and open studios.  We offer monthly artist lectures,  science lectures, art shows and film screening.  All levels of experience are welcome. Studio space is also available for rent in a convenient downtown location.